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Note to our customers who have Ambico Tripods: We DO NOT manufacture Ambico tripods, we are NOT affiliated or connected with them in any way.  We do have 2 quick releases that will fit SOME of their tripods and that is all.  Don't blame us if you bought it and are dissatisfied with it.  We didn't make it; sell it to you, nor did we tell you to buy it and we don't deserve the abuse heaped upon us for your decision. Thank you.

Ambico Quick Releases
Measure the width of the opening of your Ambico tripod. 
If it is  either the standard 46mm opening using the QB-4W or the standard 42mm opening in the 3502. 

We do not have individual tripod models listed because of variations in the sizes of the openings on the same model heads. 

Measure the opening of the tripod head front to back and side to side; choose a quick release with a slightly smaller dimension.

Openings that are 45.5mm or 46mm square will accept the QB-4w which is 45mm square.

Openings that are 40.5mm or 41mm square will accept the 3502 which is 41mm square.

Openings between 45mm and 41mm are not accommodated at this time.

QB-4W Quick Release
for Ambico tripods and others using a square dovetail with a 45mm wide opening. The dovetail cutouts are on all four sides.  It fits standard 35mm or video cameras.  Note the video alignment pins is to the side.

QB-4W Quick Release $13.99
Quantity :

3502 Quick Release
for Ambico tripods and others using a square dovetail with a 41mm wide opening.  It fits standard 35mm or video cameras.

3502 Quick Release was discontinued in 2016 and is no longer available.  We have found a substitute that is identical in function with only a slight difference in the shape of the plate.

3502 substitute $16.99

Quantity :


Photo of the LA Basin last Christmas 2013
Thanks DC who purchased an Ambico QR Plate to make this photo


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Please note that we use "Quick Release Plate" as our standard terminology for these parts.  They are often called other things such as: quick receivers, quick shoes, quick plates, quick release shoes, quick release plates, quick release pads, tripod tops, tripod mounting plates, tripod shoes etc.

Trade in your old tripod that doesn't have a useable head, or a broken leg, or no quick release.  Why throw it in the trash when we will separate the metal and recycle it.  Why keep it around if it is broken or unusable?
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