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Focal Brand (made by K-Mart) Tripod
Quick Release Cross Reference

Find your tripod listed here and you may purchase the correct quick shoe  below.

Focal is the K-Mart brand name for their photo gear that they sell. 
The Focal name may be on older lenses, camera bags and film camera accessories as well.

Tripod Quick Release   Tripod Quick Release
20-08-40 QB-5L   20-08-87
Caution: This Tripod May be using more than one style of head.  Measure the opening to confirm the size before ordering.
has been replaced by the 
20-08-47 QB-5L    
20-08-52  QS-01    
20-08-56 QS-02   060-32-08 QS-03
20-08-57 QS-04
  Mini K QS-02
20-08-58 QS-02   Pro K QS-04
20-29-09 QS-14   VIDEO K QS-02
      VT-90X  QS-14


Focal  Tripod Quick Releases

QB-5L Quick Release

Velbon QB-5L Quick Release $15.99
Quantity :

QS-01 Quick Release
QS-01 Quick Release $26.99  Limited Supply with any unfilled orders being canceled
Quantity :

QS-02 Quick Release
QS-02 Quick Release $26.99
Limited Supply with any unfilled orders being canceled

Quantity :
QS-04 Quick Release

These are discontinued and we are looking for a new vendor.  Limited Supply with any unfilled orders being canceled

QS-04 Quick Release Click Here to be added to the list

QS-14 Quick Release
(K-mart/Focal has discontinued the original part - 
We were substituting the Vanguard QS-14 which is also discontinued; so we are substituting it again. Minor variations in product exist, thumbscrew instead of screw, grooves in top are different.  It still fits and operates the same,  the mount dimensions are the same.)

QS-14 Quick Release was discontinued in 2016 and is no longer available.  We have found a substitute that is identical in function with only a slight difference in the shape of the plate.

QS-14 substitute $16.99

Quantity :

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Replacement parts are generally not available for the tripods listed above the models listed below are confirmed to be replaceable.  We will add models as we find out more.

20-08-87 the head is removable and can be replaced with any head that will mount on a 1/4-20 screw.   

K-mart is the retailer of Focal tripods and does not make repair parts available.

Please note that we use "Quick Release Plate" as our standard terminology for these parts.  They are often called other things such as: quick receivers, quick shoes, quick plates, quick release shoes, quick release plates, quick release pads, tripod tops, tripod mounting plates, tripod shoes etc.

Trade in your old tripod that doesn't have a useable head, or a broken leg, or no quick release.  Why throw it in the trash when we will separate the metal and recycle it.  Why keep it around if it is broken or unusable?
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