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Tripod Quick Release Adapters
Mount these adapters to any tripod that does not have a quick release, to make it a quick release head.  Turn you non-quick release tripod in to a quick release tripod in minutes.
Manfrotto Stroboframe Velbon Vanguard Giotto's


Manfrotto Quick Release Adapters.

Bogen or Manfrotto 323 / 3299 Quick Release Plate Adapter

Quickly and easily adapt almost any tripod to a quick release model.  The adapter screws into the 1/4 -20 screw on most tripods.  Uses the standard Bogen 3157N Quick Release Plate which is included,  on your camera, video camera, digital camera, binoculars or other devices.  Large thumb release and secondary brass safety catch make this unit the best, most secure on the market. 
Includes one quick release.
Dimensions: Adapter = 50mm x 53mm x 15mm

Quick Release Plate Adapter $41.99

Bogen / Manfrotto 384 Dove Tail Camera Plate Adapter

The 384 Dove Tail Plate Adapter comes complete with two quick release plates.  The standard quick release plate and the 384 Architectural Plate, which keeps the camera in perfect alignment when shooting verticals.  Supplied with the standard 1/4-20" camera screw.
Purchase additional quick releases plates in drop down box below.

Dimensions: Adapter Plate = W55 x L72 x H15mm
Dimensions: Camera Platform = 44mm x 40mm
Dimensions: Arch Dove Tail = Front 30mm / Rear 45mm
384 Dove Tail Camera Plate Adapter $49.99

Bogen / Manfrotto 394 Quick Release Adapter

The 394 Quick Release Adapter comes with the Bogen / Manfrotto 410PL / 3271 Plate, complete with two bubble levels for perfect horizontal and vertical shots. Supplied with 1- 1/4-20" camera screw and 1- 3/8" camera screw. Purchase additional quick releases plates in drop down box below.
Dimensions: QR Adapter = 65mm x 84mm
Dimensions: 3271 Plate = 65mm x 84mm
394 Quick Release Adapter $44.99

Bogen / Manfrotto 577 Quick Release Adapter

577 Sliding Plate Adapter $54.99
This quick release adapter has a 3433PL quick release plate already attached, and is a great accessory companion to the 3433/501 head.  Both units use the same quick release so you can put a 577 on a monopod and not have to take off or change quick release, ever!



Stroboframe Auto Quick Release System

300-QRC $79.99

The Stroboframe Auto Quick Release System allows you to quickly and easily mount and dismount your camera in a snap.  Think about the time you spend fumbling with screws while trying to attach your camera or bracket to a tripod, and detaching it is not much easier.  Ideal for photo and video equipment, this snap-in mounting system automatically locks in you camera or bracket to the tripod.  It releases with the press of the locking lever, in a snap.    Other useful applications include, use with studio stands and copystands for faster, convenient film reloading without disturbing the set up, mounting spotting scopes for birding and target shooting or mounting camera’s on skydivers’ helmets.


Quick Release Mounting Plate TQR300PLT
Fits certain Davis and Sanford tripod heads, Stroboframe Flash brackets with QRC and the Stroboframe Quick Release Adapter QRC.  All Metal construction, painted black, includes cork anti slip padding, 1/4 standard screw and allen tightening wrench.

Replaces the discontinued 300PLT and 300ATP

This is not made by Stroboframe or Davis and Sanford. The original plates are discontined and no longer available from the manufacturer.

TQR300PLT Quick Release Plate $29.99

Velbon QRA-3B
Mini Quick Shoe Adapter

(Now in Black)

Quickly and easily adapt almost any tripod to a quick release model.  The adapter screws into the 1/4 -20 screw on most tripods and the QB-3B mini shoe onto most digital cameras and video cams, some binoculars or other devices.  Buy additional QB-3B shoes for each device.
    Camera platform (approx) W31xL22 mm 
    Size W62 x L38 X H15 mm
    Weight (approx) 54g
    Size of camera screw hole  UNC1/4, 1/4 inch x 20 turns
    Maximum load of camera weight 1.5 kg
Velbon QRA-3B $39.99


Velbon QRA-635L

  QRA-635L(B) offers magnesium alloy construction for rugged durability and quick release capability for convenience and features two bubble levels for perfect alignment.
Weight: 125g
Length: 112mm
Width: 64mm
Height: 18mm

QRA-635L $59.99


Velbon QRA-667L

QRA-667L(B) offers magnesium alloy construction for durability, quick release convenience and two bubble levels for when critical horizontal and vertical alignment are needed.
Weight: 135g
Length: 112mm
Width: 67mm
Height: 18mm

QRA-667L $74.99


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