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Slik Tripod Quick Release Plates
Tripod or Head Model Quick Release   Tripod or Head Model Quick Release
35DN 6121   PKS03  
102 6121   PRO330 DX 6123
112 6121   PRO340 DX 6123
112AF 6019   PRO330 E2  
122QF 6027   PRO340 E2  
212AF 6019   PRO400 DX 6123
212DLX 6121   PRO500 DX 6123
300DX 6123   PRO580 DX 6196
322AF 6019   PRO700 DX 6124 or 6125
322VF 6011   PRO 780DX 6196
333AF Sport 6019   PRO800 DX 6124 or 6125
502QF 6027      
503QF 6027   SL-61 6121
504QF 6027   SL-51S
(Japanese version)
504QF-II 6027   S103 6121
505QF 6011   S302 6121
506QF 6011   SHB-100 DQ 6252
511QF 6014   SHB-120DQ 6252
      SHB-180 DS 6505
512QF 6027   SBH 280 E 6183BK
523QF 6027   SBH 280 DQ DQ-S
600 Instalock Not Available   SBH 320 DQ DQ-L
600SM Not Available   SDV-20 6122
780 DX 6196   SDV-30 6122
960G Not Available   SDV-540 6197
970G Not Available   SDV-550 6197
  SDV-560 6197
1000 6121   SH-704E pan head 6183BK
1200G Not Available   SH 707 E 6183BK
ABLE 300DX 6123   SH-705E 6123
AF 1100E 6183BK   SH 707 E 6183BK
AF2100 6019   SH-736HD 6256
BH800 6124 or 6125   SH 806 E 6196
DST-3 DW-PKS03   SH 807E 6196
DST-32 6129   Shogun 6019
DST-33 6129   Slik16 6019
DV Travel Pro 6027   Slik 1000 6121
Easi-Glide 6011   Slik 600 Not Available
Easi-Hold 6014   SPORT II 6121
Easi-Pod 6014   Sprint PRO EZ 6183BK
EX Hold 6014   Sprint PRO 3 way 6183BK
EZ Pod 6014   TELEBALANCE 3 6129
EZ Pod Jr 6014   U112 6121
EZ Hold 6014   U112AF 6019
FIELD BALANCE 6129   U210 6121
      U212AF 6019
F143 6222   U212DLX 6121
F153 6222   U5000 6122
F630 6222   U5500 6122
F740 6222   U6000 6122
      U6600 6122
      U8000 6122
      U9000 6122
      Video Sprint 6014



Slik Quick Release Plates
to fit the various Slik tripods

6011 Slide on quick release plate

to fit: Slik 322VF video head, Easi-Glide, 505QF and 506QF heads. 
Slik catalog number 618-730.

6011 Slide on Quick Release Plate $13.99
6014 Quick release
to fit: Easi-Hold, Easi pod, EZ pod Jr, EZ Pod and 511QF
Slik catalog number 618-737.


6014 Quick release $14.99

6019 Quick release
 to fit: 112AF, 212AF, 322AF, 333AF sport, AF2100, Shogun, Slik16, U112AF
Slik catalog number 618-734.

6019 Quick release $14.99

6027 Quick Release Plate
to fit 504 QF-II, DV Travel Pro

Slik catalog number 618-735 


6027 Quick Release Plate $14.99

6121 Quick release post
to fit: 35DN, 102, 112, 212DLX, 1000, SL-61, SL-51S (Japnese Version)
S103, S302, Slik 1000, Sport II< U112, U210, U212DLX
Slik catalog number 618-752.

If your Slik tripod has a hole in the top for the quick release and the hole is 11/16 inch (18mm) in diameter and about 29/32 inch (23mm) deep, then this post should fit.


6121 Quick release post $9.99


6122 Quick release

to fit: SDV-20, SDV-30, SDV-540, SDV-550, U5000, U5500, U6000, U6600, U8000, U9000
Slik catalog number 618-731.


6122 Quick release $14.99

6123 Quick release post

for ABLE 300DX head,  and PRO 330DX/340DX/400DX/500DX
Slik catalog number 618-330.

6123 Quick release post $14.99

6124 Quick release shoe
to fit BH800 and PRO 700DX.  This has a 1/4-20 screw for standard cameras.

Slik number  618-335.


6124 Quick release shoe $17.99

6125 Quick release shoe
to fit BH800 and PRO 700DX.  This has a 3/8 screw for large cameras and lenses.

Slik number  618-340.

6125 Quick release shoe $19.99

Quick release 6129

Slik catalog number  618-003


Quick release 6129 $39.99

Quick release 6183BK

Slik catalog number  618-740


Quick release 6183BK $19.99


6196 Quick release shoe
to fit SH-806E, SH-807E and PRO 780DX AMONG OTHERS.  This has a 1/4 screw for large cameras and lenses.

Slik number  618-811

6196 Quick release shoe $41.99

6197 Quick release shoe
to fit SDV-540, SDV550, SDV560. 

Slik number 


6197 Quick release shoe $

6222 Quick release shoe
to fit F740, F630, F153 and F143.  This has a 1/4 screw for large cameras and lenses.

Slik number  618-738


6222 Slik Quick Release Shoe $ 10.99

6252 Quick release shoe
to fit F740, F630, F153 and F143.  This has a 1/4 screw for large cameras and lenses.


Slik number  618-744

Not available Yet
6502 Not available Yet 
6502 Not available Yet 
6505 Not available Yet 
Quick release to fit Slik DQ-L

Weighs 42g
Slik catalog number 618-712. 

Quick release to fit Slik DQ-L $24.99

 Quick release DQ-S
to fit Slik DQ-S quick release adapter
Slik catalog number  618-714. 

Looks like the DQ-L but smaller
weighs 37g

Approx. dimensions L 53mm X W 65mm X H 11mm

Quick release DQ-S $23.99


Quick release DW-PKS03

Slik catalog number  DW-PKS03



Not available Yet


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Thank you to Jon Kean for helping out with the 618-735 Quick Rlease Plate.

Thank you to: Chuck Moulton who helped identify the Slik U210 tripod takes the 6121 quick release post.

Jim Lasecki for helping us identify the PRO 1370C tripod uses the 6121  QR Post.  With out you we couldn't have done it!


Please note that we use "Quick Release Plate" as our standard terminology for these parts.  They are often called other things such as: quick receivers, quick shoes, quick plates, quick release shoes, quick release plates, quick release pads, tripod tops, tripod mounting plates, tripod shoes etc.

Replacement parts other than quick release plates not available for the tripods listed.


Trade in your old tripod that doesn't have a useable head, or a broken leg, or no quick release.  Why throw it in the trash when we will separate the metal and recycle it.  Why keep it around if it is broken or unusable?
Why? Click Here to Trade In

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