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Here is our "Blog" - These snippets of info about parts and Quick Releases.

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August 1, 2017 We are adding Wimberly Quick Plates to our lineup. Le t us know if you have any wimberly needs at: Web Site Sales

July 1, 2017 - We have expanded our Selection of Gitzo Quick Release Plates to include the long plates. Gitzo Quick Release Plates

February 5, 2017 - We are expanding our selection of Trade In Tripods to make it easier to replace your old tripod that has a discontinued QR Plate with something newer with a currect and up to date QR plate. You can find the trade in page here: Trade in Tripods Page We are going to be adding to it a bit in the next few months so stay tuned. We look to have tripods from brands like: ProMaster, Manfrotto and Vanguard. Obviously the QR plates for these tripods will be the most popular in the line, and the most current; so you can get the longest life out of your new tripod.

January 2, 2017 - There have been quite a few Quick Releases that have beendiscontinued in the past year, and many of these are still available since we bought as many as we could get our hands on. Still, the supply is dwindling and many will be out of stock later this year. If you need help with a Quick Release or tripod, call Bas at 864-699-9333 between 10 am and 2pm EST for help.
August 1, 2016 - We are now taking some tripods in on trade.  If you have one of the small lightweight tripods (about 49 inches tall or less and weighs 2.2 pounds or less) then this tripod is at least what you had. This is a New ProMaster 7050 tripod that retails for $39.99.  When you send us your trade in, and purchase the tripod with trade in link, you get the New ProMaster 7050 for half price + shipping. This is a new tripod that should have many years of active life, and since it is current, the quick release will be available for a while.


July 23, 2016  We have found a replacement for the QS-14 and the 3502 quick release plates. You can find the Vanguard QS-14 here and the Promaster 3502 here. Thes4e substitutes are identical in function to the originals, te top plate that holds the camera is different in some style variations, but this in NO WAY limits the use on the quick release.

June 23-2016 Product outlook - BLEAK
If you are looking for any of the Promaster: 3509, 3523, 3495, 3516 these are gone and at this point in time they will not be coming back.
If you are looking for any of the Vanguard: QS-01,  QS-02, QS-03, QS-04, QS-05/06, QS-09, QS-10, QS-14 these are gone and at this point in time they will not be coming back.

December 12, 2015 As usually seems to be the case... the end of the year has brought some product cancellations and deletions.  So to update everybody:

Vanguard QS-14 are no longer available.  All back orders that we had are canceled and will not be shipped.
Velbon QB6 is still not in production and we will not have any before June of 2016.
Promaster 3502 is discontinued and no longer available.
Davis and Sanford QRPMPH and QRPMPH-1 are not available and there is no hope.

If we can find another supplier for these we will put them back up on the website, but for now that's all folks!

September 14, 2015 We are now stocking the GoPro brand tripod mounts.  These are various mounts that will let you attach the GoPro camera directly to a tripod, pole, bicycle, ski pole, roll bar or what ever else you may want to mount it on...  The GoPro does NOT have a tripod mount of any kind, it has a special adapter that can only be adapted to various GoPro mounts.  A little frustrating if you forgot your mounts; but the right combination of mounts will let you mount your GoPro camera to almost anything.


May 20, 2015
We have Identified a Bushnell tripod that will take one of our quick releases.  Unfortunately the Bushnell tripod does not have any identifying numbers or marks.  Bushnell does not sell those on their website.  The top of  the head is a unique shape that will only take one very specific plate.  The plate is an 8 sided metal plate and can be found on this page if you click here.



February later that same day...

QRPER and QRPR are discontinued and no longer available all manufacturers orders have been canceled.  Sorry, We received no warning!

February 5, 2015

H&R Block says it is refund we say it is BACKORDER season!  Most of the USA distributors and manufacturers are running a very tight ship from Christmas season.  So stocks have run extremely low with the manufacturers; we are running a tighter ship because of the poor economy and our stock are running lower than normal, so replenishing is going to take extra time this year.  That and the re-justification that many lines are having about quitting the manufacturer of slow and low selling items (see below).  As much as we can, we have made notes on the site about availability.  It changes frequently so the accuracy is somewhat questionable.  Especially since these are low priority parts and are not usually tracked in the same sense that the higher dollar items are.  We know what will come in when it arrives. :(    As always, we will not charge your card until after the part is in hand and ready to ship. So you can place an order and we will hold it until the parts arrive.  On orders older than 25 days, we will contact you to get a reauthorization of the credit card info.  We usually do this by phone of security reasons.


February 1, 2015
Starting a new year is always fun.  We've had a bunch of quick releases suddenly discontinued and all back orders canceled without notice by several vendors.  We have tried to find replacements, and many just are not available.  We have marked them as such, so if it says in short supply - it is.  If it says discontinued - IT IS.  We are searching for surplus, overruns and any that we can find.  But lets face it. some of these parts are 20 to 30 years old, some not so much, but that is a long time to make a part and we al least have to give some credit.

New Products - Manfrotto Off Road Gear!  While not quick releases exactly, this is exciting if you are a hiker or a long distance walker.  We have just received out gear and love it.  The back packs are light weight and sturdy, and very comfortable.  See the line of products here: Click here  There are introductory rebates from now until March 31st, 2015 as well.

We hear there will be a lot of new items coming out this year, so I expect a lot of items will be discontinued. Stay tuned.

December 31, 2014

Bad news...Tiffen has announced the discontinuation of the QR-F12 quick release.  These were on backorder for many customers and the last batch just never fulfilled them all.  We are sorry that we could not complete the orders.  It is almost no wonder that Tiffen stopped making these parts.  This quick release has been in production for over 30 years.  While it is a small tragedy that may fine and very well made tripods are no longer usable, there are many newer equally well made tripods on the market.

July 11, 2014
We recently moved from our old location into our newer, more organized location.  We are always continuing to improve our store, level and speed of service.  If you have any problems, please let us know so we can take care of them right away.  We do not foresee any major disruptions, except for stock supply from our world wide partners because of weather or conflicts, so going forward everything looks smooth.

If you have a problem, or see an error let us know. Call Bas at 864-583-6835

May 15, 2014
We just discovered a new Brand and tripod.  The Calumet 7300 tripod is now listed; thanks to our good customer Andrew, who ordered the part, tried it out and let us know it was a perfect match.  Calumet has tripods made with their nameplate, and the manufacturers don't tell us who they make for and often the companies like Calumet don't make the model and parts references available to third parties, like us.  It is a shame, since they have really nice products that their customers would like to keep using.

May 9, 2014
At the end of this month we will be closed for a week to move to our New larger location.  While we would like to keep shipping and customer service lines open, the practical matter is that we cannot.  We will answer emails and phone calls as best we can, but there ARE going to be delays as we move the phone and computer systems, not to mention all the merchandise.  Pleas bear with us while we move, this will only allow us to reorganize and get situated in a better location with a better operating system and space.

February 5, 2014

I cannot find a universal quick release.  Why don't you carry these?  Simply put, there is no such thing as a "universal" quick release.  Because of the many brands and sizes and shapes that exist, there is no way to make on that fits all.  There may be a "universal" quick release that works within a brand name, like Cullman, for example, but nothing that crosses brands.

July 30, 2012
Several questions that we are repeatedly asked...

Do you sell parts , other than quick releases?  Yes, but only the older Bogen and newer Manfrotto tripod parts.  Those can be found at theses sites. and  We do not sell parts for the other brands, because A- some brands do not sell parts fro their tripods; B- many tripod made today are not designed to be fixed; C- we support tripods that have not been manufactured in some cases for 20 or 30 years or more.  Expecting to find parts for those tripod is unrealistic.

Why don't you sell a "universal" quick release?  No, there is no such thing as a "universal" quick release.  Each manufacturer has made their quick releases to what they felt was the best design or best fit the need at the time.  We stock over 100 quick releases, and only a handful are interchangeable.

Why don't you sell other things on this site?  We wanted to limit this to just quick releases.  We have other sites like that sells tripods.  But the name says it all.  We specialize in quick releases. that's our thing!

Do you repair tripods?  No, this site supports tripods that are often very old and haven't been made in a while.  There is no reliable source for old tripod parts, some tripod are not made to be repaired, and that is not what this site is intended for.

Can you modify a tripod to fit another brand quick release?  I would say no.  Without having access to parts, the cost to manufacture a part is often cost prohibitive.

I just bought a tripod at a yard sale and the cost of the replacement quick release is more than I paid for the tripod, why is that? Yard sales are notorious for selling junk.  you buy it knowing that it may be broken in a way you don't see or missing a part that may not exist.  You pay a price that reflects that risk. 

Can I trade in my tripod to you? You can trade in your old tripods in for a new Manfrotto tripod on our other website

March 21, 2013

If you've ever lost your quick release, broken a leg clamp, or discovered that an obscure part on your tripod needs to be replaced you already know how important it is to know what equipment you have. I don't mean knowing that you have a Manfrotto or a Velbon. I mean knowing what model tripod you have, what model head you have, and what year it was made.

Knowing your model numbers and approximately when your equipment was made is a key factor in quickly and easily finding parts for your tripod, or your head. There are two places to look on each for the make/model number. 


1. Take a look at the legs, particularly the upper sections, usually there is either a sticker with the company name and/or model number. 

-A model number will usually contain both letters and numbers in it, such as 3021BPRO. Whether or not is has letters is important! A 3021 is a whole other animal from a 3021BN.

2. Take a look at the main casting, the part in the middle where the tripod legs meet. Sometimes on the top or side of this piece of metal or plastic there will be a sticker or indentation with the company and model number. 

-Main castings usually have the serial number  also; this number is usually a string of numbers longer than 8 digits.  Often the serial number is irrelevant so don't get too attached to it.


1. Look in the quick release "well." This is the opening where your quick release will slide/snap into. Oftentimes the well already states what quick release you will need. If there's anything there you should see a number like QS-01. This will be very helpful in your search.

2. Look on the side of the head, anywhere with a larger flat surface. There is usually a sticker or indentation with the name/model number on there. 

It's important to realize that the tripod and head are two separate pieces, you will not find parts for your tripod if you go by the head number and vice versa. This is a common mistake. Your head and tripod are two separate entities, unless your tripod's head is physically part of the tripod and cannot be removed. Sometimes this is the case with brands such as Quantaray, Slik, Sunpak, or Vanguard.  Higher end, more expensive tripods like Gitzo or Manfrotto usually have removable heads.


Good luck hunting! Please comment with any questions you may have. Check in again for another post on common problems finding a quick release!


May 2010

Is Amvona Still Around?

I found this posting about the demise of Amvona tripod supplies.

I haven't found much out, but they are no longer in the retail/ebay sales business.  We have as much listed as we can find out about, but I'm sure we have missed a bit.  If you know of any solutions let us know.  Amvona info


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